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Visual Projection

What better way to showcase your event than the use of photo and video projection.

Our TVs and Projector Screens will be a definite bonus as part of your décor and will add another level of excitement and flair to your party.

Whether it's your Wedding, Sweet 16, or Corporate event, choose a single or multiple screen options to display photos and videos for your guests.

your special day will be seriously upgraded with our premium flat screen TVs.

our flat screen high definition TVs are visually appealing for both you and your guests.

This is a fun add-on that we play toward the tail end of dinner. It includes custom photos of childhood and sweetheart moments synced with the music of your choice.

On the TV screen, you can display your name, slideshow, logo, or event theme so that it will be continuously scrolled, adding your own personalized stamp and making sure that your event is all about you.

Also, having your theme or images displayed on the flat screen TVs will add a touch of magic to the event’s feel.

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